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Hidden heart of Hackney

Pictures of Hackney people and places were shown in Broadway Market in 1999/2000. Barbara had photographed a little heart graffitted onto a corrugated door in Hackney, whilst visiting the organisers of the Hidden Art of Hackney, who then kindly made available an empty shop for her show. The premises were lined out with pictures of local people and places. If you found an image of yourself, you got it free. Barbara also exhibited at the Hackney Mile of Art, with a stall in Broadway Market in 2005 (left). Barbara has included London images taken at a later date.

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Children's playground, 1998
Crossing Hackney, 1999
Eastward bound, 1998
Gossip, Hackney market.
Hackney converstion
Hackney detail, 1998
Hackney detail
Hackney heart
Hackney market
Hackney message
Hackney portrait (1), 1998
Hackney portrait (2), 1998
Hackney portrait (3), 1998
Regent's Canal, 2008
Ridley Road Market (1), 1998
Ridley Road Market (2), 1998
Routmaster, 1998 - RIP
Secret garden, Hackney 1998