2020 Vision

2020 VISION in September 2014 at Earls Court exhibition hall in South West London celebrated 20 years of 100% Design, a leading design show within the London Design Festival. Drawing on her specialist knowledge as a leading writer on design for nearly 35 years, plus extensive additional research through early catalogues and on the web, Barbara Chandler selected 20 designers who had shown at 100% Design over the years, from all periods of the show, from the very first show in 1995 to exhibitors from last year. Barbara then visited the designers, and photographed each one in a way that reflects their work and surroundings. The photographs were on display at the show, each with accompanying text written by Barbara. The designers featured were Sheridan Coakley of SCP Designs, Chris Eckersley, David Colwell, Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado of El Ultimo Grito, Ella Doran, Guy Mallinson, Nick Crosbie, Adam Aaronson, Phillip Watts, Dan Black and Martin Blum of Black & Blum, Jocelyn Warner, Michael Marriott, Samuel Chan of Channels, Anne Kyro Quinn, Simon Pengelly, Mark Jonas of Authentics, Lorna Syson, Amy Cushing, Annette Nix, and Jamie Anley of Jam.

"This project highlighted the importance of 100% Design to the design community, with so many great designers paying tribute to the show, which has kickstarted numerous design careers, and incubated ideas for the London Design Festival. Much credit goes to co-founder Ian Rudge, and the early organising committee. Then, over the years, so many people worked so hard on the selection committees. Indeed 100% Design is as much testimony to the enthusiasm and commitment of the whole design industry as it is to commercial enterprise. Participants were overjoyed when they found their applications to exhibit had been accepted - it could be as high as 50% of applications that were rejected."

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