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BARBARA CHANDLER is a best-selling photographer. Her handmade cards – each with a genuine photographic print – have sold in thousands.
Barbara Chandler writes:

"Welcome to my website, and thank you for your visit. It's great to have this chance to share my work with you.
I live in West London, with my husband Ben. I have two daughters, two step-daughters, and ten grandchildren. The oldest is 22, and the youngest are five (as at 2014). I have been taking photographs for over 30 years, and exhibiting them for over 25.  Many of my photographs have been taken in England, particularly in London where I live.  Many more have been taken in Poland – notably in Warsaw, Krakow and Sopot. I have also taken photographs extensively in Italy, Russia, France and Finland.
I am completely self-taught. Actually, that is not strictly true, as I have learned so much from other photographers, and from film processors, printers, and Chiswick Cameras in Acton Lane, London, W4. (
They have sold me every camera I have ever owned. I started on a manual Pentax K1000, and then progressed through the Cannon EOS series of SLRs. Around three years ago, they persuaded me to go digital, but still within the Canon system.
A large number of my photographs have been taken in black-and-white. But I also used colour where it seemed a better choice of film. I have also taught myself old techniques of hand-tinting colours onto black-and-white photographs.
Whilst pursuing my photography, I have also worked extensively as a journalist, writing mainly about interiors and design for many newspapers and magazines. For example, I have worked for the London Evening Standard for over 20 years, and currently have a design column in Homes & Gardens. My book LOVE LONDON with 180 photographs of the capital was published in summer 2011."

"This website is to let everyone see my work, and to tell you more about it. It is also to make available for sale the unique and much-collected CARDS which I make by hand with my photographic prints. They are very popular in shops and at markets, but I can offer a better range on this website. I believe that no photograph I have taken has any meaning until someone has seen it, and (hopefully) reacted to it. This is why I also regularly post a large body of work on flickr."

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"My book Love London grew into a collection of merchandise – such as cushions, tea towels, bone china, aprons and even wall coverings. These have been sold successfully by John Lewis for two years. I hope to explore this idea further in the near future."