polska-tak   Barbara Chandler writes:

"This series of shows was curated by Christian du Plessis of the Heifer Gallery and was held at the Posk Gallery in the Polish Centre in Hammersmith, West London, in 1992, 1993, and 1994. It captures the mood, landscape and people of Poland in the1980s and early 1990s, and was the result of many trips to Poland, to stay with a friend, who had become close during his visit(s) to Britain. I was welcomed in particular by his sister and mother."
Visions of Poland was also shown in Warsaw, in 1991 at the prestigious Stara Kordegarda Gallery at the Palace on the Lake in Lazienki Park. It was featured on Polish television, and received good press coverage in Britain.
Barbara has also included images taken on later visits to Poland, and therefore not in the original show.
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Marilyn & Stalin: Warsaw 1992
(card available)
Family: Sopot Poland: 1994 (card available) Haywain: Krakow 1990
(card available)

Angel at the cemetery: Warsaw 2008 Folk figures at market 2008 Don't worry: Warsaw 1988

Little House: Poland: 1998 Crosses: Poland 1988 Read my lips: 2006

Equals football: Warsaw 1989
(card available)
Warsaw angel: 1989 (card available) Father and son: Poland 1991

Sleeping: Poland 1998 Liberation: Warsaw 2006 Truth: Warsaw 2006

Virgin at the market: Warsaw 2006 Swans: Sopot Poland 1994 (card available) Laughing dog: Warsaw 2006

Little virgin in the snow: Warsaw 1990
(card available)
Pretty you: Warsaw 1989 Warsaw: 1989

Strong and weak: Warsaw 1998 Changing the guard: Warsaw 1990 Carriages and windows: Warsaw 1988

Warsaw 2005 Net curtain: Warsaw 1998 Through the window: Warsaw 1990

Fishing At market: Warsaw 1988 Market: Warsaw 1991

Warsaw market: 2005 The new hat: Warsaw 1990 Warsaw market: 2005

Warsaw Jazz: 1994 Lazienki Park :Warsaw 1989 Concert Lazienki Park: 1992

Peacock Lazienki Park: 1990 Polish countryside: 1994 Polish countryside: 1994

Polish countryside: 1994 Polish countryside: 1994 The Country Road: Poland 1989

Warsaw 1988 Sexy: Warsaw 1988 Warsaw subway: 1994

First Communion: Warsaw 1990 Family Life: Warsaw 2005 Palace of Culture: Warsaw 1994

Tending the grave: Warasw 1996 Child asleep: Warsaw 1996 Warsaw: 1989